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Breast Procedures

Breast Lift, Reduction, Revision

Coming to work each day as a plastic surgeon is truly an enjoyable experience. To be able to operate on almost all areas of the human body, using a combination of scientific knowledge of human tissues coupled with artistic creativity in order to make an important difference for every one of our patients is incredibly rewarding. Of all the operations in a plastic surgeon’s repertoire, a breast reduction may be the most satisfying for our patient’s. Dr. Woods has tremendous respect for the daily hardship large and heavy breasts can cause a woman. We have learned how a breast reduction helps a woman in four distinct ways. First and foremost, removing several pounds of breast tissue from a woman’s chest has been scientifically shown to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain. We cannot overestimate how life transforming this pain relief can be for a woman’s overall well being. Secondly, you will be able to find clothes that fit your new figure that are “off the rack” and actually flattering. Thirdly, you will be able to be more active and will want to exercise more now that you are not hauling several extra pounds of bulk on your chest. Activities like jogging, tennis, swimming, etc., will actually be fun. Finally, your self-image, self-esteem and emotions will become less centered around being known “as the girl with the large chest”, and more focused on a well balanced feminine figure.

Many of our patients qualify for insurance coverage for their breast reduction. Our staff will guide you to the requirements for insurance coverage for your particular plan. If you do not meet their requirements, do not fear. You can still have the operation at a very affordable “cosmetic price”. Breast reduction procedures take approximately 3 hours under general anesthesia. Most of our more heavily breasted women spend one night in the hospital, but it is not a requirement, especially if you need just a “small” reduction. All stitches are dissolvable. We will teach you scar massage techniques to help your scars flatten, fade and smooth out to be as minimal as possible. We see you back in the office in two weeks to monitor healing, and to allow you to go back to work if you have a desk job. If you have a more strenuous job which requires lifting or pushing, we recommend three weeks off to fully heal the incisions before returning to work. Final tissue settling and resolution of all swelling may take 2 – 3 months. Our satisfaction rate for our patients having a breast reduction is easily over 99%.

Its important to note that ALL breast reduction patients will get a “lift” of their breasts as a by-product of their reduction. In some cases, we see patients who want (and need) the “Lift”, but do not desire any reduction. We term this procedure a Mastopexy, or Breast Lift. Typically, the woman likes her appearance in a bra, but is frustrated or embarrassed by the negative effects that gravity, age, or breast feeding have had on the shape of her breasts when naked. The procedure utilizes incisions around the nipple, running down to the bottom of the breast , and along the lower crease of the breast for a short distance, and are all similar to those of a reduction. The nipple is elevated, the gland and breast tissue is suspended to the upper chest, and the excess skin trimmed away to create a more youthful, natural shape, eliminating the sagging, floppy appearance. Operating time and healing is very similar to a breast reduction. However, breast lifts are not covered by insurance, but we have priced them very attractively.

As Dr. Woods reputation for breast surgery excellence has become widely known within the Atlanta area, he has treated an increasing number of women with less than satisfactory results from breast implant surgery. Breasts that have become firm due to internal scar tissue around the implant, breasts which are uneven in size or shape, or implants which need to be replaced, are all reasons to have a consult for breast implant revision or correction. Breast implants, whether made out of salt water (saline) or silicone are man-made devices and are not meant to last a life-time (or more than 20 years, in most cases). Correction of implant imbalances or scar encapsulation can be challenging procedures and you want them performed by a seasoned plastic surgeon. If you are not happy with your current implants, it may be extremely helpful and enlightening to have Dr. Woods’ opinion as to how you could be satisfied with your breast appearance once again. Almost all these procedures are performed outpatient, go home the same day, under general anesthesia. Healing time is 1 – 3 weeks, and we try to use minimal scars when possible. Symmetry, balance, comfort and proportion are the end goals.

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